Serious Games
Gamifications, simulations and games


Some of our games


Train your soft skills at work

Smart Ageing

Screening and assessment of mild cognitive impairements

The Virtual Perfusionist

Training the operation of the Cardiopulmonary ByPass

ThT gamification

A gamification of Irving Yalom's Q-sort of therapeutic factors in group therapy


Intergenerational knowledge transfer and professional training


Research on serious games in the surgery theater

Diabetes education games

Research on serious games for the education in diabetes


A game for professional training for persons with intellectual disabilities


We propose novel technological solutions for the design, implementation and validation of serious games and gamification solutions.

We address professional training, screening, rehabilitation and education.

We ally a strong expertise in computer graphics and game design with our capacity to model biomedical and psychosocial systems and to integrate them in the logics of our games. We work in team with the domain experts to model the knowledge layer and the pedagogical requirements of our gamified solutions.

Our developments are user-centric and provide adaptive assistance mechanisms for users without computer literacy and for users with special needs.

As engineers and computer scientists, we are able to design and implement experiments for the validation of the games.


Our Amazing Team

Ariel von Barnekow

Núria Bonet Codina

Dani Tost

Previous developers

Marcel Ruiz, Ricard Campeny, Sergio Moya, Eloy Fèlix and Rodolfo Nuñez

Master students

Pol Martí (2012), Sílvia Vinyes (2015), Mario Gómez (2016)

Contact Us

Centre de Recerca en Enginyeria Biomèdica (CREB)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, ETSEIB
Avda.Diagonal, 647, Pta. 8, Barcelona 08028
P: 934016076